Pre-Nursery at Pink ‘n’ Blue



The very first day will not start with learning but he or she will learn to come to school to meet his or her new world. The syllabus is pre planned with the experienced teaching staff. We always insist the parent saying If you want your child to learn something, you have to support them as well. We only have a few hours a day to teach them, and if you don’t help at home, how do you think they will retain what they learn?
In the morning parent drop off their child, staying there and babying them makes it worse. Just leave! If there is a problem, we will call you, but what actually happens when parent walk out the door is that they cry for two minutes and then they go on about their day.


This is all your children truly need. The teacher will be always for them pampering them and of course loving them. Being there for them and supporting them. They also need fathers who sit and listen to the activities of their day, mothers who join in and make crafts with them and parents who take the time to read them stories and act goofy with them. They deserve to help you make supper even though it takes twice as long and makes it twice as much work. They deserve to know that they’re a priority for you and that you truly love to be with them.
Surely , Pink ‘n’ Blue is the launch pad for little ones in formative years who have begun the educational journey. Child’s first preschool is the place where love for learning is developed for a life time.


They don’t need toys at school. There are more than enough things for them to play with at school. We have toys made of wood mostly which are useful in gaining knowledge and with which even they are entertained. Also, for some reason or another, they always ends up broken. But the school never bothered about such type of things. We give maximum freedom to enjoy in discipline manner.

Potty training

As soon as the child enters the school he or she should be potty trained but
unfortunately this is only with 40% of kids. In Pink ‘n’ Blue the teaching
Starts from potty training. To listen this it is nasty but its true.

Snack time

Magi , bread/jam, biscuits are not snacks. Having snacks in the morning is important, but giving them those things just causes a sugar high and then they crash. But Pink ‘n’ Blue will never ever encourage this type of diet . The school accepts only home made healthy food without any non-veg.


“ANNAM PARABRHAMA SWARUPAM “ Yes, we truly 100% teach the children about the meaning and truly follow this. Feeding the child doesn’t help them. They need to learn how to eat and how to use a fork and spoon, not wasting the food, chewing the food properly , drinking water and washing hands before and after meal.

Good behavior

Behavior of the child will be improved by tell them moral stories, teachers will take utmost care to teach good manners but If your child hits somebody or do some missive thing , don’t balm the teacher for the fault. We do everything we can to make sure things don’t happen, but we can’t see everything. So we don’t always know why the child did it — we just want you to know it happened.

Poor behavior

Just because your child acts like a wild animal at home doesn’t always mean he does at school. When we tell you he’s great at school, believe us. Children know with whom they can get away with things and that usually is not us.