Discipline at Pink ‘n’ Blue
The school encourages self-discipline and self esteem and we look to parents for their support in this. The school discipline policy is available from the Principal.
Our Policy Stresses
Children have the right to learn – Teachers have the right to teach.
We believe in the need for working closely with parents to ensure good behavior from all children.
In particular, the most important aspect is that we are rewarding children for their good behaviour, their polite manners and their attitude to work.
To make this work every class has devised a set of simple rules.
These could be for example:-
Follow instructions first time.
Put your hand up when you want to ask a question.
Rewards for children could be:-
Verbal praise. Well done! Wonderful job !
Stickers and merit awards in their books.
Notes sent home for good behaviour.
Favourite tasks at the end the day.
Rewards from the principal’s room.
The reward of a house point.
Sanctions might include:-
Verbal warning.
Five minutes taken off playtime.
Losing their playtime.
Loss of privileges.
Notes home for poor behaviour.
For continued disruption parents would be contacted by letter or phone.
We believe in a partnership of Working Together to make a+ child.